Brunch With The Brits

This week more from King Must Die.  We also continue Dad's Army and The Man In the Brown Suit plus a lengthy discussion of the Battle of Cophenhagen.

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This week we'll begin with Episode 2 of the Man in The Brown Suit completeing Chapter 6 and stopping in Chapter 11.  We'll then have two episodes of Dad's Army, in The Big Gun a naval gun is donated to the Home Guard and in teh Big Parade the home guard unit tries to find a mascot to march in the big parade.  We'll discuss the Irish rebellions of 1801 in This Sceptred Isle and continue with The King must Die.  Enjoy

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Yes we begin another bed time series with Agatha Christie's The Man in the Brown Suit bringing us ever closer to that next Poirot dramatization.  We also have two episodes of Dad's Army and we conclude with what David Hartinge calls "brilliant."  The King must Die.  Enjoy.

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We'll also have one episode of Sceptred Isle but enjoy this kingly catch up.  Strong language and brief suggestive dialogue

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Matt has been working on a long project from work.  Here are four dad's army episodes from Series 3 catching us up with that series.  King Must Die fans you get yours next episode. 

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Yes sometimes work gets in the way of these fine shows.  So on Sunday June 29 Matt sat down and recorded some shows..  In this one we'll conclude PG Woodhouse's Smith In The City.  King Must Die fans will look for 307 enjoy

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This week it's more from Dad's Army Sceptred Isle The King Must Die and Smith In The City.  We start with Smith in the City move in to Dad's army leaarn about the beginnings of the French Revolution and continue the King mMust Die.  Enjoy

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This week we begin the story of Theseus as never told before.  It's Part one of an eleven part epic called The King must Die.  We also return to Warmington On Sea for an hour of Dad's Army and continue our reading of Smith In The City.  We also discuss the French Revolution and Tom Paine's Rights of Man.  Enjoy

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This week we continue Smith In The City plus we'll begin to learn of the Madness of King George.  Our feature of course is the Long Goodbye a Philip Marlow novel writeen by raymond Chandler dramatized by Bill Morrison and starring Ed Bishop.  Enjoy

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So there I was relaxing this morning coffee on one hand bagel on the other bloody Mary Somewhere between the twain and going through brunch and no wonder 301 is so short.  You're missing Smith In The City Part 1.  Here it is and please enjoy read by Jonathan Cecil.  Again the spirit of Lingard is with us in the voice of Smith.  Enjoy this then go back and listen to 301 His Last Bow.  You'll be glad you did.

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