Brunch With The Brits

This week we celebrate our host's 45th with a plethra of stuff.  We'll conclude the Embassy Lark, continue with more of the Flying Wombat learn about the music of the Puritans and hear all about Earthsearch's creation.  Oh and Peter is called out.  Enjoy.

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This week Lord Peter returns along with a flooded british embassy, and we learn about PG Woodhouse's never discussed Broadway careerLord

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The host really does apologize for not being at the dpn West Fest this year but all is explained in the beginning.  Plus we have a show.  Not as full because we truly thought we would be at Westfest this year.  However if you missed us at Westfest and we do know several of you did we invite you and encourage you to attend this summer's Friends Of The Magic Meet a gathering of food friends and fun at the Disneyland resort this August.  For more details go to meanwhile this week we continue the Curse Of The Flying Wombat we learn about music in the Court of the sun King and hear about Tratvian power cuts.

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This week we have a shorter show due to the end of the Norman Way and with yours truly just getting home and with yours truly and his producer needing a bit of recovery time well to put it honestly I haven't had a chance to program hunt.  However Earseaarch ends this week we hear all about the new French Ambasaador in the Embassy Lark and we hear John Otto Klese say I'm Sorry I'll Reaad That Again ... again.  Enjoy

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To true Brunch listeners John Lingard needs no introduction.  However if your new to the show or you like reaading things about other people we're goiong to give John Lingard an introductin anyway.  In 2009 during one of Matt's many ramblings as usual Matt got something wrong.  A Listener emailed the show to kindly correct Matt on his infality and what do you know?  A friendship struck.  John began appearing annually to discuss the state of Britain every year around the holidays and in 2015 actually flew to America to accompany Matt and Maria to their first NAB convention in Las Vegas.  While Nab has invited them all back they've also increased their prices.  In 2016 John did two wonderful things for the show.  First he co hosted an episode while Matt and Maria were on their honeymoon but he also flew back to America to take part in the long planned wedding of Matt and Maria.  Now it's their turn to fly to England to vissit him.  Oncce Texas is over it's on the trip agenda.  John has kept us pretty current with our shows so Making Of Music the prunes and yes even Earthsearch is back but ... knowing John there may be a few Easter eggs hiding in Brunch Studio UK.  We hope you enjoy and we'll see you next week with full reports from Texas.  Questions or comments for John should go to and we'll make sure he gets them.

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This week we conclude the Norman Way.  We'll also be learning about music in Venice in the sixteenth century and laughing with our usual prune crew.  We will round out the week with the eighth episode of Earthsearch II.  Enjoy

The title says it all as the host has new mike equipment.  However in the words of the great Jim Keltner ladies and gentlemen we have a show to do and boy do we?  We continue the Curse of the Flying Wombat.  We also learn about music in the counter Reformation.  We then continue to learn about the Normans.  What changed after Hastings if anything?  Btw not as much French as you think.  Then it's on to Tratvia for a marital spat between Sir Jeremy and Daphne then we conclude with Earsearch 2 enjoy.

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This week we begin the next series of I'm Sorry I'll Reaad That AGain Hey you get to hear John Otto Klese sing a Farrit song and see the beginnings of Python we then move on to the Reformation where we learn Luther loved music.  From there we begin a new documentary The Norman Way then it's back to Tratvia where we meet an industrious oil merchant with an English rig off the Tratvian coast.  We then end with Earthsearch and that hapless Challenger crew fighting a black hole.

This week we conclude the Mausoleum Club continnue Eaarsearch and enjoy some paramouric adventures between the british first secretary in Tratvia and the Russian first secretry in Tratvia.

This week we again start with the Mausoleum Club.  Will Mr. Green at last be admitted?  We then turn to our music documentary and hear about music in Burgundy.  Then it's off to Tratvia where we find that Sir Jeremy's embassy rolls has a reaal traffic problem.  We end with Earseaarch 2 Elka and Brand are grown but how do they treaat their parents?  Enjoy