Brunch With The Brits

As always thanks to John Lingard for this work.  Enjoy

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This week we finish John Masters The Decevers and we ask the question what if Swan Lake were a BBC sports event?  Enjoy

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This week we begin series 2 of I'm Sorry I'll Reaad That Again.  It's been a while since the Cambridge crew have been together and it's a nice form of sketch comedy.  We then continue with Sceptred Isle.  JWe meet Disraeli and then it's back to India.  David Hardhinge says it's a good yarn and it's reaching its climax.  A word of warning brief sexual content in this episode may want to keep kids away.  Please enjoy.

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Thanks to John Lingard for his work on this book.  Enjoy

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This week we continue The Naïve And Sentimental Lover special thanks to John Lingard for his reading.

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This week we say farewell to Navy Lark for the present.  Then we leaaarn about the corn laws during Young Victoria's reign.  We also continue the saga Master's India and The Decievers Part 3 The Godess of destruction.  Enjoy

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What's wrong with Cassidy and Sandra really?  You'll find out this week you think and I still wonder if seamus will meet Cassidy in Paris

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This week we continue Masters India but first we're back on bord a Patarneyland destroyer in the Navy Lark and learn all about Prince Albert of Victoria and Albert

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Reaad by John Lingard enjoy

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This week we begin John Masggters "India," a saga that explores Anglo Indian history from 1825 through 1946 under the auspices of one military family.  This gripping first series called "The Decievers," stars Davidd Callings.  You'll also hear Navy Lark and learn about the Opium War and the Afghan War in Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy

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