Brunch With The Brits

We're returning to This Sceptred Isle this week as we begin to examine The American War of Independence from a British point of view.  We'll also look at some Us history courtessy of Stan Freeberg.  But we also have an hour of Navy Lark and four chapters of Mike and P sSmith.  Our featured drama features Holmes nd watson dealing with a mysterious lodger.  Enjoy.

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I certainly hope you're enjoying thge long brunches as much as Maria and I are.  The microphone is sounding better each recording session and we welcome suggestions on its improvements.  Now on to this week.  This week we stawrt as uusual with Navy Lark and three episodes.  It's Four five and six from Season 6 and we hope Mr. Philips is doing better with Heather ... stay tuned.  Then it's off to Baker Street and The Adventure of The Cardboard Box.  We'll end with chapters 5 through 8 of Mike and P Smith read by our dear friend John Lingard.  Enjoy.

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This week, Daavid Bales our long time friend and listener is celebrating his birthdaay and we've started recording on the new computer.  The mike needs to be worked on and we're aware of this however we do hope that Mr. Bales aproves of his birthday gift.  We start with not one or two but three Navy Lark episodes as we get season 6 started with a wrip roaring bang.  Then we'll begin a new Sherlock Holmes series.  Finally our co host and friend from across the pond begins his reaading of Mike and P Smith the p as always is silent.  So enjoy and prepare for a lot more longer shows.  Lots more memory means lots more fun in the Brunch studio. 

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This week we get a brief look at the start of the American Revolution then it's the long awaited conclusion of this current Lord Peter mystery.  Enjoy. 

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As we veer away from Sceptred Isle for a short break learn more about the voice of Loonie Tunes and a great voice in otr.  Enjoy. We also finish Secret Adversary and continue with our Peter Whimsay mystery The Five Red Herrings.

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This week we look at not one but the possibility of two Peter Whimsay episodes next week.  However we do finish the Secret Adversary this week yes tommy and Tuppence and done as is Navy Lark for at least a week's break.  Enjoy

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More from Whimsay the Navy Secptred Isle and two chapters of Secret Adversary.  Enjoy

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A quick starting note.  BABT 9 is also included with three chapters of Secret Adversary.  We start with Navy Lark and The Whitlesea Regatta.  Then in Sceptred Isle we learn about the Boston massacre ... well not really but that's what the title says.  We then continue with The Five Red Herrings.  Stay tuned for three chapters from Agatha Christies' Secret Adversary. Enjoy

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Further adventures of Tommy and Julius. Enjoy

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