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A cheating scandals mars a English university and Holmes and Watson are sent to investigate.  Plus Nat King Cole The Voice and TV Lark and enter Sir James Peal Egerton.

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Need I say more?  Sherlock Holmes is back along with a new documentary on Nat King Cole and more from tv lark.  Enjoy.

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Okay after a long vacation we're back with tow hours and forty six minutes more of brunch fun.  And it's because we

decided to conclude just to keep things simple A Small Town In Germany.  Plus we'll begin a new lark series.  This

one The TV Lark and it's before Navy Lark Series 5.  We'll hear the first episode entitled Opening Night don't worry

John Lingard.  Great sound quality.  It's from Jan 25 1963 and before we put the British history book away for a bit

it's time for Sceptred Isle and the first look at The AGe of Revolutions from 1760 to 1792.  We'll be discussing the

end of the seven years war.  Don't forget two chapters of The Secret Advasary as well.
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This week brunch is short.  It's because next week we'll be starting what I'm affectionately refering to as Thirty Weeks of Lark ... or so.  So that we're caught up on Navy Lark entirely.  Thanks to the producer for getting us TV Lark.  So this week it's Sceptred Isle A Small Town in Germany and two chapters of Secret Adversary.  We apologize for the lateness but with friends of the magic and the producer's bday we've been taking some time off.  We're back however as of Saturday August 24 depending on where you live.
 And it's great to be back.
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Matt Cox host
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Okay this week's brunch is long.  Two hours and forty four minutes and it's thanks to Ray Noble.  Yet I hope you enjoy it.  We begin by welcoming an old friend.  As most of you know we've been chronicling the well loved commedy The Navy Lark.  This was one of Fred's favorites and we begin the fifth series by going back to April 5 of 1963 and listen to First Day Out of Dock.  We then listen to The Ray Noble Story.  This was not a documentary made for BBC but rather Capital Radio and we'll hear Ray that wonderful charming band leader who made an impression both here in the United States ... he did lead the band during the Burns and Allen early years and over in Britain.  Then it's back to Germany and episode 3 of A Small Town in Germany.  This is well dramatized and we're certainly hoping you're enjoying it.  We end with two chapters of Secret Adversary.  Enjoy.
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This week we conclude Harry Lime.  We'll hear the episode Greek Meets Greek and then it'll be done.  We then move to This Sceptred Isle and learn about India and the death of George II from Feb 13 of 1996.  We'll also have the second episode of A Small town in Germany from August 29 of 1982 and we'll conclude with the second Chapter of The Secret Adversary.  Enjoy
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This week a changing of the guard.  As always we'll start with Harry Lime but two episodes this week.  We'll listen

to HOneymoon from July 11 of 1952 then The Blue Caribou from July 18 of 1952.  Special thanks to Matthew Ellif for

his sharing of his collection.  Then It's This Sceptred Isle from January 12 of 1996.  The known world is at war and

it's not 1914.  We then begin A Small Town In Germany from August 22 of 1982 full dramatization of the JOhn Le CAre

book.  A high ranking British official is missing from the German embassy during a right wing rally.  We then will

conclude with a new audio book as we delve in to Agatha Christie's The Secret Adversary.  Enjoy
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  Brunch With The Brits 270 is here.  Join us as we clean up lose ends so to speak.  First of all due to its incomplete nature the episode of Harry LIme entitled Honeymoon will not be heard.  The Only BBC offering this week will be Sceptred Isle and that will cover Militias and Pitt's plan to invade Canada.  Then we'll finish Mike A Public School Story with Chapters 25 through 29.  AGain thanks to John Lingard for all his work.
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This week we celebrate the Fourth by doing a little house cleaning.  We have our usual suspects.  Harry Lime is from July 4 of 1952 and it's entitled Paris is Not The Same.  On Sceptred Isle we'll learn of the Black HOle of Calcuta and then four chapters of Mike A Public School Story read by our listener and dear friend John Lingard.  Enjoy. And stay tuned to the end for some very special Fourth of July merriment.  Remember we did win our Independence from the British after all.
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This week on Brunch we want you to note the new times for Brunch We're actually going to attempt to get the shows to you between Thursday and Friday nights here in the Us or possibly Wednesday depending on the host's vacation plans.  We hope you're having a good summer yourselves and here's this week's line up.  We'll start with Harry Lime as always and listen to The Hard Way from June 27 of 1952.  We'll then return to England and learn about Pitt's anxieties in This Secptred Isle from Feb 7 of 1996.  We finish dad's ARmy Series 2 this week with The Day The Baloon went up from June 24 of 1975 and conclude with Mike. By the way if you're enjoying Mike you get Chapter 19 and a bit of bonus brunch with Chapter 20.  Enjoy.
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This week on BWTB we'll begin as always with The Lives of Harry Lime and The Professor Regrets from June 20 of 1952.

 We'll then meet Clive of India and find out how India looked in the mid seventeenth century.  Note it was not a

colony yet.  In Dad's Army what happens when the platoon are sent off to do ... farmwork?  And is Warden Hodges

turning a new leaf?  And we'll conclude with Mike Chapter 18.  Bob has good news for Mike.  Enjoy.
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This week we'll start with The LIves of Harry Lime and Blackmail is a Nasty Word from June 13 of 1952.  Then in

Sceptred Isle we'll discuss more of mid eighteenth century England.  We'll then listen to Dad's army and hear what

happens when A Wilso becoes bank manager.  We'll conclude with Mike and hear more from the Edington match and what

happens when the school gets chcicken pox.  Enjoy.
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This week on BWTB we'll begin as always with The LIves Of Harry Lime and "A Night In A Harem."  Then we'll discuss

Hogarth and the Price of Gin in this Sceptred Isle.  On Dad's Army Captain Mannering becomes a "Fallen Idol," and

we'll end as always with Mike and Chapter 16.  Uncle John's in town and he talkes a look at Mikes' wrist.  Is it

really hurt?  Enjoy
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 As always thanks for listening.
Matt Cox Host
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Brunch With The Brits 264 features Harry Lime on the Mediteranean again as we solve The Pearls of Bohemia from May 30 of 1952.  We learn then about Bonnie Prince Charley in This Sceptred Isle.  In Dad's Army what happens when Jones loses money meant for a charity "Don't Panic," ... no really don't.  We conclude with Mike and as Mike has been threagtened after insulting a fellow cricket player what then?
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Harry LIme could be the headliner but we also have Dad's Army Sceptred Isle and Mike gives a grave insult on the cricket pitch.  Sorry about the late show and have a good Memorial holiday.

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This week on Brunch as we begin 262 it's not the shows it's the host's birthday and he reminisces fondly about a trip taken to Palm Springs.  Yes the host is forty now.  Oh yes and we have shows.  We start as always with Harry Lime and the Elusive Vermeer from May 16 of 1952.  Then we go to January 30 of 1996 and hear about Robert Wallpole's downfall.  In dad's ARmy the home guard are sent to guard a pow camp of Italian soldiers from May 13 of 1975 in Don't Fence Me In.  And we conclude with Mike Chapter 13 Mike gets his first chance in Reakin's first eleven at cricket.  You'll learn a lot about baseball's distant cousin.
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Matt Cox Host
Maria CAstaneda Producer

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This week whilst the host celebrates his fortieth you get an episode of Harry Lime called Viva La Chance from May 9 of 1952.  Harry's back in Paris for this crazy misadventure which will have you asking who really got conned?  In Dad's Army meanwhile Walker has birds for Mannering but it's where he puts them that has everyone guessing.  And Sergant Wilson has a little secret too.  On Sceptred Isle we'll learn about Rule Britania and a bottled ear and Mike finally gets his first chance at first class cricket for Reakin.  Enjoy. 
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This week on Brunch Harry Lime is in Austria as he joins the circus.  From April 25 of 1952.  Meanwhile we'll get to

know Turnip Townsend and more about Wallpole as George II takes the throne in Sceptred Isle.  We then listen to

Dad's Army and War Dance.  Captain Mannering decides the platoon needs a little fun for morale and Pike is engaged. 

Or is he?  And at school thegreat picnic has begun in Mike as read by John Lingard and written by PG Woodhouse. 

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This week on Brunch it's a much shorter show.  As we're at Westfest sponsored by DPN. 
1 Harry Lime this week is from April 18 of 1952 and it's The Painted Smile.  Harry's off to Scicily this trip.
2 In Sceptred Isle we learn about dirty taxes and tolls.
3 Dad's Army deals with "Brains VS Braun
4 We end with Mike read by our friend John Lingard.  What happened after the row at school?  Enjoy.

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A brief word of warning about this week's BWTB.  It has explicit moments that may not be suitable for all listeners.  It has an e label in i tunes due to a bit of language as we were at the Renaissance Fair last week and this week we present some of the Ren fair musicicians we uncovered.  We appologize in advance if we offend.  Special thanks to The Merry Wives of Windsor and the Poxy Bogarts for allowing us to use their music to give listeners a tast of a true Southern California classic.  If there are Ren fairs in your part of the world or country not only do we strongly suggest you attend if it's up your alley we'd like to hear about them.  There is a show this week as well and we start as always with The lives of Harry Lime from April 11 of 1952.  Harry travels all over Europe and Havannah to uncover a mysterious gentleman's past.  The episode is entitled Man of Mystery.  Then in This Sceptred Isle we'll leawrn about the real seventeenth century aka what life was like for the real common English.  We'll move on to Dad's army and listen to A Soldier's Farewell.  Mannering takes what Charles Boyier says seriously about Napoleon.  We'll conclude with Mike Chapter 8 read by our friend across the pond John Lingard.  A row happens and while Mike is not involved ... he knows about it.  Enjoy.
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2 You can hear the show in i tunes by goin and subscribing to
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Matt Cox Host
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This week on Brunch a big announcement from the host ... Harry Lime is taking a week off.  well you've heard the episode already as we played it back in December.  So we'll start with
1 This Sceptred Isle and learn about Robert Wallpole England's first Prime Minister.
2 Dad's Army will deal with a Brush With The Law from March 31 of 1975.
3 As we continue with The Return Of Sherlock Holmes we'll meet Charles AGustus Milverton from March 24 of 1994.  Peter Vaughn starrs along with Clive Marison and Michael Williams.
and finally
John LIngard returns with Mike Chapter 7 in which Mike is discussed.  Enjoy.
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Matt Cox host
Maria Castaneda Producer

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This week Matt Cox asks why he can't listen to propper Radio comentary for England and Montenegro from his snug home in California?  Come on Five Live give us a chance.  He then talks about theglories of Talksport and then we get to Brunch with Harry Lime Sceptred Isle Sherlock Holmes andyet another adventure with Mike.  Enjoy.

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As it's the weekend and another episode of Brunch is in the works I'd like to begin this press release with an apology.  The host admits unabashedly he was listening to a certain basketball tournament during recording and Kansas was playing and Kansas won.  Only in March ... even if K State loses if K U wins it's okay.  Now let's talk about Brunch.
1  We start as always with Harry Lime who is off to India this week from March 21 of 1952 with an episode called Faith Lime And Charity. Branded.
2 In This Sceptred Isle from January 18 of 1996 you'll learn of the Jacobite rising.
3  Dad's Army this week is from March 18 of 1975 thetitle is Branded and it's a great episode.
4 Then we have our Sherlock Holmes episode.  It's called The Adventure of the Pryory School from March 24 of 1995.  And finally
5 Mike Chapter 5 read by John Lingard has Mkike and Bob having a brotherly talk.  Thanks to John Lingard for his work on this project.
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2 Brunch is here at
3 Hear Brunch every Sunday at
Email us at
Brunch has a facebook group as well
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This week you get in the host's humble opinion the best Sherlock Holmes episode in the series so far.  But let's look at everything else we have to offer.
1  The LIves Of Harry Lime from March 14 of 1952  Harry's in Marseilles this time with some shady folks in Violets Sweet Violets.  We apologize for the sound quality
2  My Music from March 15 of 1970.  We say goodbye to My Music this time.
It will return but we are actively looking for My Music Series 6 Fred didn't have it in his collection.
3  Our historical break as we listen to This Sceptred Isle.  We'll learn this week about the King Who Didn't Speak English as in George I Elector of Hanover.
4 Dad's Army and Sergant Save My Boy.  What happens when poor Pike is trapped behind barbed wire?
5 Sherlock Holmes and we continue with The Adventure of The Solitary Cyclist.  Probably Bert Coles best so far from March 9 of 1994 starring Clive Marison and Michael Williams
and we conclude with
6 Mike a Public School story Chapter 4 Read by our own John LIngard.  Mike plays cricket for the first time.  Hey this moves slowly but PG Woodhouse is wonderful.  Enjoy the show

 Ways to Listen
1  go to and download
2  We're in itunes and can be susbcribed to at
3  Every Sunday we're on the radio entertainment network at
 Matt Cox Host
Maria Castaneda Producer

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I admit I make a mistake this week but this Sherlock Holmes adventure is awesome.  YOu'll also enjoy more from Harry Lime My Music Mike gets to school and makes a friend and Dad's Army.  We also continue Queen anne's reign by looking at the end of the war in France.  Enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_252.mp3
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A practical joke has Sherlock Holmes up in arms.  there is also the usual suspects Harry Lime My Music Dad's army Sceptred Isle and chapter 2 of Mike A Public School Story read by John Lingard.  Enjoy.

Direct download: brunch_with_the_brits_251.mp3
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Yes he's back with The Adventure Of The Empty House.  We also begin a twenty nine episode PG Woodhouse reading of Mike A Public School Story from John Lingard.  But we also have Dad's ARmy with If The Cap Fits My Music and Harry Lime with It's IN The Bag and don't forget our look at English history with This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.

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And so much more.  We start with Harry Lime and the story jdead JCandidate.  Then we'll play a round of my Music and see how the pannel does with the letter D.  We then learn about the Union of England and Scotland.  We listen to the concluding episode in the first series of Hancock's Half Hour.  Then we love you guys so we're bringing back jDad's Army for its second series.  First episode Don't Forget the Diver.  Then we'll conclude the Old Curiosity Shop.  It's a three hour thirty minute brunch ... enjoy it.

Direct download: 249.mp3
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This week we continue the Old Curiosity Shop.  Plus we'll hear Harry Lime in "Earl On Troubled Waters."  Hancock tells us of "The Sheikh" we learn of the jBattle of Blenheim and have a round of my Music.  Enjoy.

Direct download: 248.mp3
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This week will Grandpa sucumb to gambling?  And what of Quilp?  Well you will have to wait as we bring back this sceptred Isle plus Hancock buys a house on a cliff .  Enjoy.

Direct download: 247.mp3
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And yes we will have Part 2 of Dickens classic but first Harry Lime graces us with Five Thousand Pengos and A Kiss from January 25 1952.  Then we cross over to My Music from January 25 of 1970 after which we listen to Hancock's Half Hour from January 11 1955 and the Monte Carlo Rally and we conclude with episodes 6 through 10 of The Old Curiosity Shop.  Nell and her Grandfather are on the open road, Kit still looks for work and what of Daniel Quilp brother Frank and Dick Swiveler?  stay tuned.  Enjoy.

Direct download: bwtb_246.mp3
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After to long a delay we return to Charles Dickens.  We begin The Old Curiosity Shop Dicken's fourth novel.  We actually begin the show with Harry Lime then play a round of My Music and watch Hancock bungle his way across the English Channel.  Enjoy.

Direct download: 245.mp3
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This week a break from the irrepressible Harry Lime.  See you've heard this episode before.  Because of that we have My Music from January 11 1970 then we listen to Hancock's Half Hour in which the lad has his own Cinderella experience.  We finally conclude with the Hobbit.  Hopefully you all saw the movie.  Attn Dickens fans the Old Curisosity Shop starts next week in full stereo and send us a note at thanks and as always enjoy

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Our headline r continues to be the Hobbit but we do have a look at Charles Chilton who died at 95 this week.  We also have My Music and two episodes of Harry Lime.

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For our final episode of twenty twelve we begin with Lime.  Yes extra lime.  We listen to The Secret Of Making Gold before we delve in to a fresh season of My Music.  We go back to December 28 1969 and yes the pannel are in good voice this week.  We then go back to Harry for his official episode two is Company from December 28 of 1951 and we conclude with The Hobbit Part 6 from 1968 A Warm Welcome.  Enjoy. 

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There's lots of holiday cheer in this festive episode.  After we get through the obligatory Harry Lime we will listen to Dad's Army's Christmas special from 1974.  Then Matt Cox and JOhn Lingard sit down for thier annual chat.  However it didn't quite go as expected.  The chat was salvaged however.  We'll continue with the Hobbit and conclude with allen Maitland's The Shepherd.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Direct download: 241.mp3
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We continue with The Hobbit hey the film comes out this week here in the States.  But we also have our latest installment of Hancock in which Tony decides he needs a new car and we have a double shot of lime for you starting with "The Barbary Queen," and ending with "An Old Moorish Custom."  Enjoy.

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We screwd our title up last time and we admit it so no heckling from the peanut gallery.  Thanks.  Okay we do have Hancock this week he's taking boxing lessons due to a weight problem, we finish Poirot to the relief of some of you and the sadness of your host ... and others Harry Lime has one of the most action packed episodes this week in The Third wWoman and ... it's Gollum time precioussssss.  Enjoy 

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Here we meet Gollum for the first time but not before we've had some commedy.  My thanks for your patience as we've had a bit of delay.  And be advised 239 will be up by Saturday.  We sgtart with Poirot and The Adventure Of The Cheap Flat.  We then move to Hancock's Half Hour and The Idol.  What happens when the lad's head gets to big?  Then we'll listen to Harry Lime and the episode Three Farthings for Your Thoughts.  Finally we conclude with The Hobbit Out of the Frying Pan and in to The Fire.  The adventure begins but trouble starts before Bilbo knows what has happpened.  Enjoy.  Email the show at find us on facebook and twitter as well.

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This week brunch gives you a surprise like we haven't pulled in the show's five year history.  We'll start of course with Hercule Poirot and The Million Dollar Bond Robery and we'll begin the Hobbit and yes ... we'll continue Harry Lime but what could Matt have up his sleve?  If you like it send an email to and let her know she did the right thing.  Btw to email the show just email follow us on facebook and twitter at  enjoy.

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This week as the host of this show is American ... we'll begin with a Thanksgiving surprise.  AFter which we'll be listening to The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge by AGatha Christie concluding the BBC run of Harry Lime with In Pursuit of A Ghost and winding up with a full conclussion of The Cruel Sea narrated by Sir Donald Sindon.  Please enjoy and those of you here in the States happy Thanksgiving.

Direct download: 236.mp3
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This week in honor of Armistice day we begin The Cruel Sea.  By Nicholas Monserat.  BBC did it in six parts ... we're doing it in two.  We also have our weekly Hercule Poirot mystery this week it's "The Case Of The Missing Will," and we're back in Paris with Harry Lime from Nov 9 of 1951 the title this time art is Long but Lime is Fleeting.  Enjoy.  To email the swhow please do so at follow us at facebook and on twitter at  enjoy.

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Yes this week we finish our Halloween fun.  Hercule Poirot has a ghost story of his own in The Tragedy at Marsden Manor and HarryLime is down in Mexico for a Mexican Hat tTrick from Nov 2 1951.  We then finish The Hound of The Baskervilles.  Just who is for and against Sir Henry ocupying Baskerville Hall?  Only Doctor JWatson and Sherlock Holmes know the answer.  Plus a look at nexgt week's show.  For those of you who are new to Brunch in honor of those who served I like to play a British war drama in November.  Enjoy.  Email the sho at follow us on twitter at and join a lively discussion group on facebook.  Enjoy.

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Not wishing to give to much away we'll start with Hercule Poirot again in a tale in which Poirot rescues the English Prime minister.  Then it's off to Paris again with Harry Lime in Every Frame Has a Silver Lining.  Finally Part 1 of a truly awesome Halloween story.  Enjoy.  Email the show at thanks

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This week we almost didn't get on the air due to our lengthy show on Wednesday.  We only have one show as we're waiting for more megspace.  And it's Harry Lime from 10/19/51  he's in Bordeaux this time in a counterfeit racket.  Please enjoy.  Email the show at follow us on twitter and follow us on facebook with more megs comes more stuff we promise so hang in there.  Matt and Maria

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I love feedback.  Possitive negative no exception it's important when feedback gets answered.  This go round Matt Cox spends thirty minutes answering a listener's valued feedback.  If you have coments please email the show at or join us on facebook.  And thanks for the feedback.  Then Poirot is off to investigate a mysterious San Francisco diamond.  and its "dissappearance"  enjoy.

Direct download: 231.mp3
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Poirot is back in our Brunch at Bedtime segment with The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman.  This time a mysterious phone call lures Poirot over to Regents Court.  Then we're off to wonderful Hong Kong with Harry Lime.  Well actually we're halfway around the world as we listen to The Golden Fleece from 10/12/51's episode.  Enjoy.  Email the show at follow us on facebook and twitter.  enjoy.

Direct download: 230.mp3
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Welcome to Brunch At Bedtime an occasional series of yes you guessed it spoken word audio and we continue Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie.  This time Hastings and Hercule are off to Brighton.  Just who stole the pearls?  It wasn't the butler this was a hotel after all.  Also this week Julie Anne Watson of Perth Australia joins us to discuss her involvement with the JDRF walk there.  Go to for more info.  Thanks and enjoy and we'll see you Friday. actually Saturday.

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You might think that Hercule Poirot is the only thing you'll hear on Brunch this week but oh ye of little faith we have so much more.  We'll start with Hercule yes but after that we'll listen to Lory Lee's Long Sleep, a documentary about the author of Cider With Rosie.  Then we'll conclude Dad's Army with Sons Of The Sea and end with Harry Lime and Operation Music Box.  Lots to enjoy.  This is the last week for Choc Walk donations for myself or PDM  go to or for more or to donate.  and to email the show go to find us on facebook or on twitter as well.

Direct download: 228.mp3
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We continue The Looking Glass Wars by John Lacarre.  But we also have Dad's Army in which there is "No Spring For Frazier," Harry Lime investigates Works of Art and for Dave Bales we conclude another series of This Sceptred Isle.  Plus Eric Troup stops by with an email Andrew Kirby checks in and Matt Cox continues his diagtribe on Revolution.  Email the show at  and as always enjoy.

Direct download: 227.mp3
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This is not Lewis Carroll but rather the next George Smiley thriller from George La Care.  But before that we continue with This Sceptred Isle.  King William will die and soon be replaced by Queen Anne.  In Dad's Army we learn about the menace from the deep and Harry Lime takes a Trans Atlantic cruise in Rogues Holiday.  Plus Matt Cox goes off on the TV show Revolution and why being visually impaired ... he was disappointed.  It's not British but JJ Abrahams may want to listen.

Direct download: 226.mp3
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This week we first learn about war in Europe on This Sceptred Isle.  Then in Dad's Army what happens when a great shock hits Captain Mannering?  Finally we conclude with Harry Lime in Saudi Arabia this week with Love Affair.  To support me in the walk for Childrens Hospital please go to  and email the show at  enjoy.

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We begin with This Sceptred Isle and the Battle of the Boyne.  Then in Dad's ARmy we'll listen to The Bullet Must Not be Fired.  We'll conclude with Harry Lime and The Bohemian Star.  Just what is our favorite con artist doing in London?  Enjoy and as always email the show at

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This week it's a real short episode with the Labor Day holiday in the United States.  However we do have Sceptred Isle as we learn about the Jacobites, in Dad's Army we find out what happens when the platoon have to learn to use a phone box in Sorry Wrong Number and Harry Lime is off to Haiti in Voodoo.  Enjoy and email us at and join the group on facebook under Brunch With The Brits.  Have a great Labor Day if you're in the States.

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As we've been going through season 1 of Dad's Army, I thought it'd be fun to look at a radio play that examines the friendship between John La Mesurer and Arthur Lowe.  So we'll listen to Dear Arthur Love John as our featured play this week.  But we also have Harry Lime with my favorite episode in the series so far ,"Ticket to Tangier," Dad's army entertains with The Lonliness of the Long Distance Walker," and we'll learn in this Sceptred Isle about life in the Kingdom of William and Mary.  Plus John Lingard wraps up his amazing Olympics report.  Enjoy and as always email the show at follow us on twitter at and you can follow the open group on facebook.  For Brunch with The Brits.  Enjoy.

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This week John Lingard returns home to the Lingard studios before continuing his holiday.  He presents a program he recorded while at his remote studios in Kent from where he vissited Olympic Park watched fencing his wife watched tennis and he stood six feet from Matt Lauer from Today.  But we also have a show to get too.  So we continue learning about William Of Orange and his return to war in This Sceptred Isle.  In Dad's Army we listen to The Showing Up of Lance Corporal Jones and we continue with The Lives of Harry Lime and the episode from August 17 1951.  Enjoy and send the show email at follow us on facebook and twitter at and as always thanks for listening.

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Okay so some of what we've played has been kind of dark lately I know so why not join us for this classic English tale as only PL Travers could write it and Juliet Stevenson could starr in it.  But first we have Harry Lime from August 10 of 1951 with See Naples and Live we continue our look at English history with a look at William Of Orange and we also have Dad's Army with Something Nasty In The Vault from April 15 of 1974.  Also Matt gives a full description of the the first ever brunch meet at Friends of The Magic 2012 at Disneyoland.  Enjoy and remember to email the show at join our ever groing face book group at or follow us on twitter at

Direct download: 220.mp3
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We begin the Harry Lime series with its first episode for BBC light.  From August 3 of 51 it's Too Many Crooks starring Orson Wells.  But we also have DAd's Army and the episode Under Fire and on This sceptred Isle we'll be studdying the 1688 revolution.  Enjoy and as always email us at find us on twitter at and find us at  enjoy.

Direct download: 219.mp3
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Yes we revissit The Third Man Graham Green's thought provoking novel of postwar Vienna.  We also have This Sceptred Isle in which we meet Judge Jeffries and the home guard get their first taste of Battle School.  Btw don't forget the first ever bWTB meet at Disneyland.  Please vissit for details.  Contact

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This week we'll conclude what Graham Green said was "the best spy novel ever written."  Also in Dad's Army this week what happens when the platoon get hoodwinked by another platoon.  We'll also learn about the Monmouth Rebellion in This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy. 

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This week we continue John La Care's famous novel dealing with the cold War.  We'll also look at A Stripe For Frazier in Dad's Army and look at This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.

Direct download: 216.mp3
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Yes this week we feature John Lacare's most famous novel.  An espionage thriller Graham Green once said was "the best spy novel I ever read."  Brian Cox as Lemus and Simon Russell Beal as Smiley.  But before we get there we do have some British history to learn this week it's on Pilgrim's Progress and Paradise Lost.  Also in Dad's Army we learn Sergant Wilson's Little Secret.  Enjoy and as always email the show at come join us on facebook and twitter and join us in August at Disneyland at the Friends of the Magic gathering sponsored by 

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This week Raymond Chandler's The Little Sister is our featured presentation.  We'll hear Ed Bishop as Philip Marlowe from 1977.  A good story because you actually see sympathy this time for both the detective and the police.  We also have Dad's Army in which the well armored might of Lance Corporal Jones is tested.  In This Sceptred Isle we meet the first Winston Churchill and we end the Josephine Baker story.  Please enjoy and if you have questions please email us at follow us on twitter at or friend the group on facebook.  Thanks.

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This week we'll start with Sceptred Isle, continue the Josephine Baker story and in Dad's Army listen to The Battle For Godfrey's Cottage.  Then we'll have an hour of Strong Poison concluding the serial.  Only Lord Peter knows if Harriet is innocent.  Enjoy and as always email us at join the Brunch With The Brits group on facebook or follow us on twitter at 

Direct download: 213.mp3
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This week Matt shares some thoughts about the jubilee concert.  But remembering we have a full slate ... John Lingard continues his series with radio broadcasting in the seventies along with an episode of The Burkes Way.  In Dad's Army we will listen to The Enemy At The Gate.  We also will hear about the great fire in This Sceptred Isle.  We'll continue to learn about Josephine Baker and we'll continue Strong Poison.  A hint for next week if you like Peter Whimsay you get a double dose.  Email the show at or join our group on facebook or follow us on twitter at  enjoy

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This week we end the current series of My Music.  Then we'll learn about the first political parties in England on This Sceptred Isle.  We'll then listen to Command Decission from the first series of Dad's Army and we'll continue Strong Poison by listening to the third episode in the series.  We'll conclude with The Josephine Baker Story.  Email the show at also send mp3s thee as well.  As always ... enjoy.

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Being the first in a an occasional series of lectures on brunchable subjects but mostly concerning the host.  No programs this week as we uh overshot our megs but never fear we're learnin and we thank listeners and discuss what can be looked forward to on the show.  Plus we're going to Disneyland join us as part of the friends of the magic gathering this August.  For more info email or vissit  and ... enjoy.

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This week we'll begin with This Sceptred Isle.  Charles is back on the throne but what's the debt situation like?  We'll then go back to Dad's Army and listen to The Museum Piece from February 4 1974.  We'll begin The Josephine Baker Story yess we'll be spending fifteen minutes a week with her the next five weeks and continue with Strong Poison with the episode Ten Minutes in Bloomsbury.  Lord Peter has met Harriet Vain and is still convinced of her innocence.  Oh and if you remember Jeffrey Palmer from when we played as Time Goes By, listen to a review of A Murder Of Quality.  This time Simon Russell Beal plays Smiley.  Email the show at or voice us at 206-350-2926 and tell us what you think.  Finally per a listener request did you have to adjust your volume at all this week?  Was the sound better aka more leveled?  Thanks Jim in Missouri for letting us know. and Happy Memorial Day if like me you're in the States.

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This week John Lingard continues his look at British broadcasting with a look at Dad's Army Just A Minute and other things as well.  We'll also return to This Sceptred Isle hear an episode of My Music and begin Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers.  For more information on Ian Whitcomb please vissit and for more info on wttm please vissit  also email this show at or call us at 206-350-2926.  As always please enjoy.

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The host celebrated his thirty ninth birthday this past Friday and in celebration he's playing The Lady In The Lake by Raymond Chandler with the great Ed Bishop as Philip Marlowe L.A. private eye.  We also have not one not two but three episodes of My Music.  And we're all caught up with that series.  Don't forget we begin our annual Lord Peter Whimsay marathon for the summer next week and you can email us at or call us at 206-350-2926.  As always enjoy the show.

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This Week John Lingard returns with a look at British broadcasting in the sixties.  Ah yes the sixties.  Radio Caroline Radio London they're all back along with JDoctor Who and some shows you've probably never heard of outside of The UK.  After that or before that rather we'll listen to My Music and Matt talks about a contest.  Think you can design the bwtb logo?  Here's your chance at for any feedback along with facebook and twitter.  Call the show at 206-350-2926 and as always ... enjoy.

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This week we conclude A Murder Of Quality plus we continue My Music.  Matt will give his thoughts on this year's Disneyland west fest as well.  Questions or comments plus show requests are always welcome at and at 206-350-2926 and follow the show at  As always please enjoy and if you're a new listener all back episodes of brunch are on the feed.

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This week we present a look at British broadcasting in the fifties.  Remember Journey In To Space?  This also includes a full episode of The Goon Show.  Thanks so much John Lingard.  Then we'll listen to My Music from April 7 of 1969 and I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again from April 17 1964.  We'll conclude with a Murder Of Quality Episode 4.  Enjoy.  Remember you can email the show at or call us at 206-350-2926

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This week we continue A Murder Of Quality plus more from I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again and My Music.  Remember to email the show at or call us at 206-350-2926

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This week we continue A Murder Of Quality. The first episode being at we also debut I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again and My Music.  Remember you can email the show at or call us at 206-350-2926. Happy belated Easter and Passover.

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Hey everyone Matt here.  We're experiencing more tech issues with bwtb.  Stand by as we should have these issues resolved soon.  HOpe everyne had a great Easter.  Matt and Pdm sure did.

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This week we begin A Murder Of Quality.  Plus another round of My Music and John Lingard returns with his history of radio and tv broadcasting in Britain.  This week ... the forties.  Enjoy. 

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This week we'll begin the fourth seris of My Music.  Enjoy.  Plus tributes and reminenisces from Matt jCox Lord Lowing John Lingard begins the history of radio broadcasting and much much more.

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Well, after an unforeseen temporary hiatus, Brunch With The Brits is back. We pick up with Episode 195 and will continue from there. This week we will be listening to Navy Lark Series 4 Episode 19 "Mr. Bates' Hobby" followed by "The Little World of Don Carmillo" Series 1 Episode 3 entitled "A New Priest (Or A Miracle)". We would like to welcome new listeners who may be joining us at this time as well as our friends who have been listening to the previous episodes. If you would like previous episodes, you have until February 15, 2012, to download them from (There you will find Episodes 96-194) A word of warning... this episode was recorded before the Mevio mishap. Standby for Brunch 196 when all will be explained. Episode 196 will hopefully be posted in a week or two's time. And, as always, you can reach us at or call us at our voicemail at 206-350-2926. 

Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_195.mp3
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This week we'll listen to Navy Lark Series 4 Episode 20 "Mr. Philips Gets Engaged". Plus we'll hear the finale in "The Little World of Don Carmillo". Please enjoy. PDM will read emails this week and if you like her, she'll become more of a regular. Remember to email us at or call us at 206-350-2926. 

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Ten great Dylan songs plus a Letter From Lincoln and we'll conclude with the Little World of Don Camillo.  Enjoy.

We begin examining the Little World of Don Camillo with the story "Lenin."  Plus an "Invitation," hits Troutbridge.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_193_Little_World_of_Don_Camillo_1.mp3
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Does Goldstein get promoted?  And we'll hear more about Brookfield.  Enjoy.
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Due to Matt's sudden and unexpected illness you all benefit with an extra episode.  Plus we are a little behind.  We start with Goodbye Mr. Chips plus Navy Lark and sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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John Lingard for almost two hours plus a look at twentwenty twelve and more.  Enjoy
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Sorry about the delay.  We go back to the work of Frank Richards this time to listen to Billy Bunter's Christmas Party.  Plus Navy Lark and Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
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Just who is George Smiley?  You'll meet him this week plus Navy Lark and This Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_188_Introducing_George_Smiley_Call_For_The_Dead.mp3
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This week we're joined by producer Director Maria for Navy Lark Sceptred Isle and the conclussion of The Guns Of Navaron.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_187_The_Guns_of_Navarone_4.mp3
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Plus This Sceptred Isle and Navy Lark.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_186_The_Guns_of_Navarone_3.mp3
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The Guns Of Navarone continues.  Alng with Navy Lark and Sceptred Isle.
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We discuss the rise of Oliver Cromwell plus ask the question of Captain Povy's marriage.  Then we'll begin The Guns Of Navarone.
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We'll begin with This Sceptred Isle then we'll catch Navy Lark and end with Sherlock Holmes.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_183_Sherlock_Holmes_in_The_Final_Problem.mp3
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Plus we'll hear Navy Lark and continue with This Sceptred Isle.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_182_Sherlock_Holmes_in_The_Naval_Treaty.mp3
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We have three episodes of Sceptred Isle for you plus Sherlock Holmes introduces us to Mycrofft and we have a fun historical episode of Navy Lark.  Enjoy.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_181_Sherlock_Holmes_in_The_Greek_Interpreter.mp3
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Hear how Matt fared on the chocc walk plus we'll listen to Hijacked from the Navy Lark and what happens when a young doctor's practice isn't all it's cracked up to be?  Sherlock Holmes investigates.
Direct download: Brunch_With_The_Brits_180_Sherlock_Holmes_in_The_Resident_Patient.mp3
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We say goodbye to Nicholas Nickleby thisweek and hello to Sherlock Holmes with The Crooked Man.  Enjoy.
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