Brunch With The Brits

This week you get in the host's humble opinion the best Sherlock Holmes episode in the series so far.  But let's look at everything else we have to offer.
1  The LIves Of Harry Lime from March 14 of 1952  Harry's in Marseilles this time with some shady folks in Violets Sweet Violets.  We apologize for the sound quality
2  My Music from March 15 of 1970.  We say goodbye to My Music this time.
It will return but we are actively looking for My Music Series 6 Fred didn't have it in his collection.
3  Our historical break as we listen to This Sceptred Isle.  We'll learn this week about the King Who Didn't Speak English as in George I Elector of Hanover.
4 Dad's Army and Sergant Save My Boy.  What happens when poor Pike is trapped behind barbed wire?
5 Sherlock Holmes and we continue with The Adventure of The Solitary Cyclist.  Probably Bert Coles best so far from March 9 of 1994 starring Clive Marison and Michael Williams
and we conclude with
6 Mike a Public School story Chapter 4 Read by our own John LIngard.  Mike plays cricket for the first time.  Hey this moves slowly but PG Woodhouse is wonderful.  Enjoy the show

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