Brunch With The Brits

Okay this week's brunch is long.  Two hours and forty four minutes and it's thanks to Ray Noble.  Yet I hope you enjoy it.  We begin by welcoming an old friend.  As most of you know we've been chronicling the well loved commedy The Navy Lark.  This was one of Fred's favorites and we begin the fifth series by going back to April 5 of 1963 and listen to First Day Out of Dock.  We then listen to The Ray Noble Story.  This was not a documentary made for BBC but rather Capital Radio and we'll hear Ray that wonderful charming band leader who made an impression both here in the United States ... he did lead the band during the Burns and Allen early years and over in Britain.  Then it's back to Germany and episode 3 of A Small Town in Germany.  This is well dramatized and we're certainly hoping you're enjoying it.  We end with two chapters of Secret Adversary.  Enjoy.
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