Brunch With The Brits

This week we'll begin with This Sceptred Isle.  Charles is back on the throne but what's the debt situation like?  We'll then go back to Dad's Army and listen to The Museum Piece from February 4 1974.  We'll begin The Josephine Baker Story yess we'll be spending fifteen minutes a week with her the next five weeks and continue with Strong Poison with the episode Ten Minutes in Bloomsbury.  Lord Peter has met Harriet Vain and is still convinced of her innocence.  Oh and if you remember Jeffrey Palmer from when we played as Time Goes By, listen to a review of A Murder Of Quality.  This time Simon Russell Beal plays Smiley.  Email the show at or voice us at 206-350-2926 and tell us what you think.  Finally per a listener request did you have to adjust your volume at all this week?  Was the sound better aka more leveled?  Thanks Jim in Missouri for letting us know. and Happy Memorial Day if like me you're in the States.

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