Brunch With The Brits

Tommy is alive but what now?  Enjoy

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Gripping conclussion of Dicens's novel plus the not so gripping conclusion of TV Lark and more from Sceptred Isle.  Enjoy

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Now that we have Tuppence baffeledlet's return to that dingy house in Soho.  Enjoy.

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This week we larn about Goldsmith and Stern in This Sceptred Isle and continue Dickens's Barnaby Rudge.  Enjoy.

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More from Tuppence Sir James and Julius as tommy remains missing

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Yes we begin Dickens imortal classic Barnaby Rudge this week.  Matt got promoted and we decided to celebrate with our Dickens novel.  We start though with TV Lark and The Patarney land elections from March 15 of 1963 continue Sceptred Isle by learning about the Stamp Act from Feb 28 of 1996 then listen to bArnaby Rudge from Feb 25 of 2012 Enjoy

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The next chapter in The Secret Adversary

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Yes we'll have the final Sherlock Holmes for a while.  We'll also have more from TV Lark and Sceptred Isle.  Why the delay?  The host will explain.

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We continue Agatha Christie.  Enjoy.

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We're trying a new form of brunch this week and you tell me if you like what's missing.  We'll have TV Lark as the gang are on safari a return to Sceptred Isle as we learn about Boswell and Johnson and Sherlock Holmes is off to investigate what may be a murder and a botched burglary.  Enjoy.

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