Brunch With The Brits

I want to begin this overview by thanking David O'neil from Extinct Attractions. Just recently he played an intervew of himself done by another podcaster. Well if Dave can do it ... so can I. And I really wanted to share this one with you guys without starting another podcast. So here it is. Lst Saturday I participated in an interview roundtable with noted baseball historian and local radio talk show host Ira Fistel. We talked about a lot of stuff including the 1919 Black Sox Scandal how baseball games were originally thrown the difference between a 19th century and current game and the state of baseball broadcasting. The pannel includes myself, noted otr personality Larry Gassman, Mike Stern and our exultant chair Bob Acosta. It's an hour and a half. And I really hope you come away learning something. If you're a baseball fan you're gonna love it. Btw what does this have to do with Brunch or BBC? Nothing!! But if Gary Chambers can take four month breaks and David Bales can just disappear ... lol ... well I can digress sometimes. Enjoy.

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