Brunch With The Brits

This has not been the easiest week for me. So I was glad the oprotunity showed itself and I was able to play this "surprise" for Tracey Morris of Disney Indiana. But I think you'll all enjoy it. It's "The Adventures of Superman," and it's the end of our "State Of The States," for this year. This fine piece directed by Dirk Maggs and written by him shows really great stereo sound and I think you will truly enjoy it. Next week catch m live at the Radio Out Of The Past Summer Marathon. Just go to beginning on Saturday August 15 at 9 am Pacific. You'll have to download some software but if you have a microphone you can participate. Looking forward to meeting you live for two days of old time radio prizes yes you read that right ... prizes ... and fn. My actual hosting begins at Noon Pacific on Sunday August 16. Remember to call us at 206-338-5879 and please email at

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