Brunch With The Brits

We have a full episode this week plus a rant at the end. You could say that this is an episode full of wrapping up. See we start off by finishing "The Gunfighters." After that we have a brief interview with Peter Purves who played Steven in the original series. We move on to wrap up "The Dust Bowl Baladeers," chronicling the life of Woody Guthrie from WWII through his early death in 1967 at the age of 55. We then conclude with the final episode of the Arthur Conan Doyle novel "The Sign Of The Four," entitled "The Great Agra Treasure." And we finish all these wrapups by discussing last weekend's Friends Of The Magic. If you heard Matt Cox laugh this week you get to hear him rant. Send us an email at brunch@london.comcom or call us at 206 338 5879 and tell us what you prefer. There's also a question for you the listener this week as well. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.

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