Brunch With The Brits

This week we try three things. First a memorial to Fred my dear friend and co host who died last MOnday of cancer. You will be dearly missed and I hope that I flying solo can do the show half as well. Because we have a schedule we honour it and after a long intro from me we listen to part 5 of Whose Body from Jan 27 1974. Just who is the murderer? After that it's time for our two part salute to World War I. This week the German perspective with All Quiet On The Western Front from November 9 2008. Program in stereo with a warning. Due to language may not be appropriate for children. Then our memormials from Bob Acosta founder of radio out of the past. And we're trying something new. Endorsing podcasts we dig. Don't believe me? Check out and see what movie Scott and the fam have picked this week. Or how about checking out my friend minion to the mouse. Finally I'm at Disneyland to celebrate my friend Patrick Herd's birthday on Tuesday 25 November. If you see me say hey. Most importantly tell me what you'd like to hear on the show. I've already got a few surprises loaded in the works. Fred will be greatly missed and if I can do one tenth of what that man did I'll consider my life a good fullfillling one. Coments questions? hit me up at or on the wttm forums if you're a member. Not sure about wttm? wWhy not? Go to and find out what I'm talking about. If Fred was my mentor in how to play radio shows Paul is my podcast guru swami whatever. I know it'll be hard but enjoy. Matt Cox

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