Brunch With The Brits

Lots to finish this week. First off no word on Fred and we're starting to plan that he may not be back. Be on the lookout of Brunch voice mail coming soon. Got a question about the show? Tell me about it. You can also email me at Now on with the show. We finish "Why Bother," thisweek. Sir Arthur tells us about his adiction to drugs. As it's Peter Cook please practice parental guidance. Then it's off to 1923 and episodes 3 and 4 of Whose Body. Actually these were broadcast in 1974 and feature Ian Carmichael as Peter Wimsey and Peter Jones as Bunter. Yes The Book that Peter Jones. Then we finish HMS Surprise. More info on the books Whose Body and HMS Surprise? Check out don't forget to review us ij itunes. Hope you enjoy in full stereo. Matt Cox Questions?

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