Brunch With The Brits

What's one of Fred Bertelsen's greatest atributes? You can say fine radio host outstanding co host has an extemperaneous side is willing to help anyone with anything otr or BBC related but he's also a bit of a snoop. In a good way. This is a program called dDead Fall and was part of the CBC mystery project or as they say project take the pro part likepro sports and you get the idea. Anyway Mystery Project actually put several BBC plays among its titles and here's one of them. You might also enjoy the Winter Olympic update from Salt Lake in 02. Please enjoy the man in blue as he flies solo for this little surprise. Questions? Coments? oh and btw if you've ever wanted to hear me live not that you've wanted to but if you do I'm on tomorow over at playing classic old time radio. So please go over there check it out and if it strikes your fancy drop in between five and six. That's pm and that's Pacific or eiht or nine eastern. Program starts at nine or six sharp with a bit of chitchat beforehand. The company'd be real glad to welcome you in the words of Barliman Butterburr we don't get many outsiders very offten. MC

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