Brunch With The Brits

Okay for those waiting for Winnie sorry man sorry I am suffering from the worst alergic reaction I've ever had and this is the day of my actual alergie tests. So if you have any advice send it to Before I go in to full detail glad you're enjoying. I'm looking at show stats which I don't check as offten as I should but you guys rock. Anyway we revissit Mark Steel and an older program called "The Mark Steel Solution." His moto? Give him thirty minutes and he'll convince you of anything. Well Mark is going to convince us of our family. Anyway after that we continue Inspector West. Fred hits us with My Word and we finish up Falco. So please enjoy. Matt and Fred and seriously if anyone has had an alergie test you know the one where they pin you with all kinds o crud at once tips and suggestions will be appreciated. Remember we're three days from radio out of the's first ever sci fi marathon and I'm hosting the first leg so vissit me at Enjoy

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